Why Institutions Succeed

The Feldsteinco Scale

Fund-raising 5.0 uses advanced ideas and strategic knowledge beyond the static methods of earlier eras. It has become clear that fund-raising success is largely explained by the interplay of just 7 things. Laser-like focus on these 7 things has an enormous impact on future success and progress. Growth is remarkably sensitive to the 7 factors in the Feldstein Scale:

    1. Board composition, leadership, generosity, level of consciousness and engagement

    2. Absence of visible and invisible liabilities and barriers to progress within an institution’s culture – their Action Logic

    3. Institutional aspirations, mission, and positioning of the brand

    4. Size of lead gifts and robustness of high probability donors/prospects

    5. Power of fund-raising strategy and thinking

    6. Having the right donor products priced appropriately

    7. Recipe, processes and technology (including social media) to engage contributors with content